This is our fifth edition

Submissions are CLOSED

Event date: 25 June 2024
21:30 – 23:00
Centro Pisani – Via Pisani 10 – Lido di Venezia

The 2024 rules are on the home page

We are very proud of the growing success of our festival. In this fourth edition we have received many excellent films and above all capable of dealing with the theme of the confrontation between cultures in always original ways.

We were very pleased with this creativity and created great difficulties for us in choosing the winners.

For this reason, the screenings will continue throughout the year at our headquarters in Venice and there will be other initiatives to promote the selected films.

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Festival director – Adriano Devita
Press and Networking – Alessandra Manzini, Tommaso Vianello
Organization – Patrizia Vachino, Marco Aliano
Awards ceremony and hospitality – Laura Ostan
Hospitality guest service – Flavia Antonini