Adriano Devita. Born and lived in Venice, Italy. Psychologist, anthropologitst and film-maker. I have been working for many years in the VET international system (vocational education and training). I’m a specialist in life long learning processes, web learning, guidance and counseling, recognition, validation, and certification of competences, active policies towards employment. I think cinema is an essentially visual knowledge medium. This specific characteristic must be exploited to the maximum degree. I don’t like explanations, or voice over  It’s not about writing or saying something, it’s about showing it. I founded this festival to encourage talented young authors to develop this approach.

Zeynep Kaserci is a documentary filmmaker and researcher based in London. Born in Izmir, Turkey, she moved to Scotland to pursue her undergraduate degree and completed her MA at the Granada Center for Visual Anthropology in Manchester. She has done research on Mahayana Buddhism in Dharamsala, India (2016) and gender inequality in north-eastern Turkey (2019). Zeynep hopes to make short films and documentaries that generate conversations and humanize social issues.

Rama Ayasra is a 22-year-old Jordanian filmmaker, studied Digital Filmmaking at SAE institute Amman (Bachelor Degree – Middlesex University London). Previous work include: Writer/ Director of “Cadence of the Valley” short film which won Best Student Film at VIFF 2020, Director & Producer of “Hikayat Al Cinema” TV program for Al Araby TV, Writer/ Director of “Nos Lera” short film, Director of “Crowded Sakeb” short documentary, Director/ Editor of “Badi’ al-Zaman al-Jazri” short film, Writer/ Director of “Escape to Imagination” silent short film, currently working on her first feature documentary film “Harvest Moon”, in-production. Contact: / +962 7 9849 9862

Negin Vaziri is a production designer and curator who is using film, photography, scenery designs, and contemporary performing arts to incite public dialogue and social change. She is the artistic director and founder of NVP Design. Born in Tehran, Iran, Negin Vaziri holds an MA in Scenery Design from the University of Cinema and Theatre of Tehran and a MA from Venice Art Academy. Her 2009 short film, Crushing Stones, screened at the Venice Film Festival; and subsequently at Woman Voices Now festival in Los Angeles. She was the creative producer of many exhibitions during Venice Art and Architecture Biennale since 2008. She is mostly known internationally for her performances focused on human rights.”

Laura Ostan is an Italian curator and founder of Galleria Perela’ in Venice Italy, with a background of contemporary art and literature studies. She has curated and supported over 12 years, multimedia international exhibitions, film screening, and performance at Perela’, Venice, and abroad.

Cinzia Carrus is a filmmaker and a photographer. She first experimented drawing and painting, then in 2000 she started to focus on photography – with cycles and sub-cycles works – and on film making. Born in Sardinia, co-founder of Über Pictures, with her background she aims to overcome the barriers of language(s), refining especially her exploration of ethnographic films and visual anthropology issues.

Nicola Marongiu is a filmmaker and photographer, who loves to experiment the intersections with installation and performing arts. Born in Sardinia, founder of Über Pictures, Nicola Marongiu started on a journey based on his will to discover the treasures of his homeland, connected with the other Mediterranean and Eastern cultures, by analysing the traces, from the particular to the universal: this is how documentaries making has become his core mean of investigation and expression, in a research mostly centred on visual anthropology and ethnographic films.

Mikhail Menshikov is a documentary filmmaker born in St Petersburg, Russia. In 2013, he moved to the UK to pursue an undergraduate degree in Psychology at the University of St Andrews. Subsequently, he completed the MA in Visual Anthropology course at the University of Manchester, during which he directed and produced his debut film — Natural Born Hunters (2019). Echoing his continuous engagement with psychology and anthropology, Mikhail’s filmmaking interests lie at the intersection of the personal and the cultural, the individual and the social, the visual and the unspoken. Mikhail is currently based between London, UK and St Petersburg, Russia.