27 GIUGNO 2024
ore 21.30 – 23:30
Lungomare Marconi, 58, 30126 Lido VE

Director  文太 川元 (Bunta Kawamoto)
in Best Short Film
Japan – Runtime 29:55

Director Gaia Siria Meloni
in Best Short Documentary
Italy – Runtime 19:58

Tsing Yi role of the dignified lady
Director Yuanchun Cao
in Best Short/doc On Women
China – Runtime26:33

Journey of Nowhere
Director Eric Marie Afer
in Best short/doc on Human Rigths
Burkina Faso – Runtime 23:35

Ida Shoots Her Shot
Director Oyinda Itabiyi
in First time Film
United States – Runtime 17:00

Last Free Breath
Director Glenys Molly Quick
in Best Art Film (ex aequo)
United States
Runtime 2:30

Roberto’s Dream
Director Lynn Bianchi
in Best Art Film (ex aequo)
United States – Runtime 2:35

Cello story
Director Fedor Ratnikov
in Best Silent/unspoken Film
Russian Federation – Runtime 3:48